3 Years

3 years ago I had my heart broken. I invested 4 years of my life in someone who I truly loved and cared for, someone who I grew with, someone who became my person, someone who I gave my all to. Those years held some of the best moments of my life - moments that … Continue reading 3 Years


Hi, friends! Recently, Christopher Wood (who you may know as Kai on The Vampire Diaries or Mon-El on Supergirl) started IDONTMIND, a company that aims to defeat the stigma surrounding mental illness. For the past few years, I've had the same goal, to change how people see, think, and talk about mental illness. I'm thankful … Continue reading IDONTMIND


Hi, friends! There was no blog posts last week, for good reason — I was on vacation. I spent last week in California with my family. I had the time of my life, and now that I'm back home the celebration still continues because... Yesterday (September 26) was my birthday! Last year, I wrote this … Continue reading Twenty-Six