Nonetheless, She Persisted

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”
— James N. Watkins

The past month has taken a toll on me, but there has been so much that I’ve learned during this time. The most important lesson? Persistence. I tend to give up when I come across any slight inconvenience, but I’m learning what persistence really means, but more so, what it looks like in my life.

It isn’t a secret that I like order in my life. Everything has its place, things need to be kept clean and organized, and I like having control over my own belongings… But that’s my problem: control. If I no longer have control or I feel like I’m losing control, that’s where I bring everything to a halt. In other words, I stop persisting. When persistence stops, growth, learning, and hope stops with it.

While trying to tackle the obstacles I faced during this season, I’ve become stagnant. I lost hope. I stopped growing. I stopped learning. But the worst thing is that I stopped persisting. My life went back to going through the motions and not caring about where I am in my life, what I’m doing, or how others felt towards me — a place that is all too familiar. I let myself stay in that darkness for far too long, even though I came to the realization over and over again that I needed to get up and keep moving forward… Even if everything in me wanted to stay put.

It wasn’t until one of my mentors reminded me that I have the power and control to keep going, to prove to myself how strong I really am, but I just need to take it one day at a time or even one hour or one minute at a time.

I didn’t need to take everything on at once.
I didn’t need to have everything be okay before I start trying.
I didn’t need to have everything together in order to be better.
I just needed to persist.

I’m going through and have gone through some of the toughest, most discouraging times… Nonetheless, I persisted.

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