See the Progress

Hi, friends!

Last week I shared a blog titled, “Trust the Process” and today, I’ll be sharing what happens when you do trust the process… Simply put, when you trust the process, you see the progress.

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned to trust the process of healing, learning, resting, and recovery. It’s been tough and I know it will be an ongoing process, but I’m happy with all of the choices I’ve been making.

There are a handful of long term goals that I want to reach, that I will reach one day. But instead of trying to jump to the finish line, I know that there’s a process I need to go through first. In order to accomplish my long term goals, I’ve set a bunch of short term goals to meet monthly, weekly, and even daily. I’ve tried setting goals before, but I made the mistake of not telling anyone about them, so I was never left accountable. This time around, I’ve made sure that there is someone who can keep me accountable for all that I do and don’t do, someone who, in her words, “strongly suggests” things to make me think twice about what I’m about to do, and someone who I know will call me out when she needs to — my sister and mentor, Lehua.

Setting goals and doing whatever I can to reach them has been a struggle, and I’ve wanted to give up multiple times — but it has been a really big part in helping me see the progress. Having the chance to look back and see what I did and didn’t reach, crossing things off of my list, and seeing where I need a little more effort has opened my eyes to so many new things.

Because of the process…
-I know what I need to do.
-My faults and weaknesses are no longer things that I’m ashamed of.
-I have been able to stand firm in times that have tested my faith.
-I’ve learned that everyone, even I, need rest.
-My family and friends are getting a glimpse of the best of me.
-I see the progress.

Trust the process… see the progress.

The progress that I’ve been seeing has been so humbling. I hope that if you ever feel overwhelmed by this crazy journey we call life, you would consider taking a step back and start trusting in the process, so you can start seeing the progress.

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