Hi, friends!

If you haven’t noticed, there was no Tuesday post this week. No, I didn’t forget about it, I promise. On my Instagram (@melissajoyblogs) I briefly explained why there wasn’t a Tuesday post and what changes I’m making to my blog.

Starting this week, there will be new content every Friday. Changing my posting schedule to once a week was a hard decision to make, but I want to do this so I can still put out quality content, not just any content for the sake of keeping up with a schedule.

In light of a new opportunity I’ve been given recently, I’ve taken some time to refocus. It’s been a groundbreaking experience and I’m starting to see everything differently.

Life doesn’t wait for anyone, and when we get going, sometimes we forget what our main focus was. When this happens, we need to refocus.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve lost sight of what my main focus was. I got so caught up in myself, what I felt, what I wanted, and what expectations I’ve made… and failed. It wasn’t until I looked back on where I was and what I’ve been through that I realized how distracted I’ve been.

No matter how distracted we get, we always have the chance to stop and refocus.

Just as our eyes
refocus, we need to refocus in other aspects of our life.

Where do you need to refocus?

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