Family Doesn’t End with Blood

Hi, friends!

Yesterday, April 10, 2017, was National Siblings Day.

I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice before, but if you didn’t know, I’m the only child. I didn’t get the chance to experience what it was like to have siblings while I was growing up, but I became so close to some of my friends that they soon became my family.

Some people have told me how lucky I am to be the only child, and don’t get me wrong, I know I’m lucky — actually, more blessed than lucky, but I always wonder how different my life would be if I had siblings. I wanted to know what it was like to have someone back you up when your parents cornered you, or what it was like to stay up all night playing board games and watching movies, or what it was like to have someone who was literally always there for you. I may not have had the chance to experience those things when I was younger, but I’m so thankful I got to experience even just some of that as I got older.

We all have those best friends who you grow so close to that they become family. For me, those friends are my brothers, especially my brother Jordon. They do drive me nuts and sometimes I wonder why I’ve been friends with them for so long, but at the end of the day, I know that my brothers are blessings that I never deserved.

If you haven’t noticed from past posts, I go through a lot and I struggle with a lot. To be honest, if I were friends with me, I probably would have walked out of my life a long time ago. My brothers have stuck with me through a lot, and I really do mean a lot. Breakups, heartbreaks (because heartbreak can happen outside of a break up), accomplishments, birthdays, venting my anger and stress, taking my verbal abuse when I’m mad at someone else, celebrations, listening to whatever stupid drama I was experiencing, and even those times where I just need a break from reality — they were there.

Their physical presence in my life has been a blessing, but their presence in my life even when I moved away for four years was more than I could ever ask for. No matter how far I was, I knew that distance never mattered because distance could never change the bond I have with them.

You’ve been in my life longer than any of the other boys. Why you still put up with me, I may never know, haha. Thank you for dealing with my mood swings, because I know you’ve experienced them more than anyone else. You were there when I had no one else to turn, and while in the mainland, you always made me feel like I had a little piece of home just a two hour drive away. I will be forever grateful that you’ve made me the godmother of your son and daughter.

You are my prettiest friend, so you’ve said. Although our friendship has been gentle bullying, banter, and irritating each other, I do appreciate all that you’ve done and who you’ve been in my life. You saw me at my worst, through the tears, anger, and frustration, you were there — even though you may not have known what to say to me during those times, having you just be there was all I needed.

You’re the only one who I know that has been a senior citizen since we’ve met… But I love you anyway. Haha! You’ve opened up your home, your family, and your heart to me so willingly, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Whenever I needed a place to crash or just to get out of the house, you offered your house and your family who took me in with open arms. Whenever I needed someone to take a look at my car or help me fix something at home, you were there in a heartbeat.

You… Will always be my “skinny” friend. We’ve spent the most time together in the past, whether it was me picking you up or dropping you off to school, helping you babysit at home, being there while you build things to make sure you have a ride to the hospital if you hurt yourself, going shopping for fish supplies, having breakfast or lunch together at wherever our hearts desired, and those days where we’d hang out at your house while you BBQ. I enjoyed all those times that we spent together and although I may not see you as often as I used to, you will always be my brother.

Thanks for teaching me that family doesn’t end with blood. You all annoy my life to the fullest, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Through thick and thin, you guys will always be my boys.

Happy (day after) National Siblings Day, weirdos. Love you.

If you have siblings, don’t take them for granted. You may fight all the time and hardly ever agree on anything, but remember that through all the fights, they will always be your family.

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