To Be or Not to Be

Hi, friends!

Happy World Poetry Day!

I’ve loved reading poems, going to slam poetry events, and or even looking up slam poetry videos on YouTube. Within the last few years I’ve enjoyed writing my own poems… But that’s a whole different story.

In this day and age, I feel like poetry isn’t as appreciated as it used to be. In hopes of opening your eyes to the world of poetry, I wanted to share some of my favorite poems and poetry books with you.

Seasons of Love
WINTER was in her heart;
SUMMER was in her eyes;
SPRING was in her laughter and smile.
Then I realized how easy it was to FALL for her.
-Brylle Gaviola (The Monsters That Love Conquered)

Something More
Whenever I see her
my mind composes a melody,
and my heart starts to sing.
Then, the lyrics intertwine with my soul
creating a knot so strong in me,
it becomes Earth’s rarest unbreakable element.
I don’t want to call it love,
because it seems more than that.
I guess fate would be more accurate
definition to what is happening at
the moments we smile at each other.
-Brylle Gaviola (The Monsters That Love Conquered)

it just didn’t
make sense
at all,
because the more
i tried to
forget you
the more everything
reminded me
of you.
-r. m. drake

my dear,
that sometimes
life isn’t
that sometimes
life is hell
but we rather
feel the chaos
than feel
nothing at all.
-r. m. drake

the worst
are the ones
without closure.
you never forget
the last time
you saw them
and that’s
what haunts
you the most.
-r. m. drake

“You still miss him, though.” I nodded, and she gave me a sympathetic smile. “You know, missing someone can sometimes be the best thing for a writer.”
-Lang Leav (Sad Girls)

What never was,
what could have been,
was more to me than anything else.
-Lang Leav

Love what you love
with reckless abandon.
Share the things
that mirror your soul.
Let the ones who
undermine you
shed light on their
own self-doubt.
Glow with the pride
of your assertions.
-Lang Leav

Your first love isn’t the person
you give your heart to
—it’s the first one who breaks it.
-Lang Leav

you might not have been my first love
but you were the love that made
all the others
-Rupi Kaur

“The Monsters That Love Conquered” by Brylle Gaviola

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur

“Beautiful and Damned” by Robert M. Drake

“Broken Flowers” by Robert M. Drake

“Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series” by Tyler Knott Gregson

I fall in love with poetry over and over again. The way these writers can take a simple feeling and turn it into a beautiful poem is something I admire and hope to do one day.

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