2016 Rewind

Hi, friends!

2016 is coming to a close. This year has been a journey, to say the least. Before 2017 comes, I wanted to look back at what has happened this year. What better thing to do than share those things with you!



Lunar New Year Festival

This was the first Lunar New Year Festival I ever attended and it definitely won’t be the last! It was a fun-filled day walking the streets of Chinatown with my family.



Hillsong United Concert

I’ve been a fan of Hillsong United since I was a preteen. To finally see them in concert was an amazing experience! I got to hear and see them perform some of my favorite songs, including “Touch the Sky” and “From the Inside Out.”



Destin’s GTI MK7

I wanted to do a shoot with my cousin’s new car ever since he got it, but had to wait a bit since he wanted to work on it before we shoot. So happy I got to capture the early stages of his car.



“The Monsters that Love Conquered” by my friend Brylle Gaviola

Brylle is someone who will always have a place in my heart. He was one of the people I met and became close with during my college days. He’s such a talented person and I’m so proud of him for writing this book. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.



Grandpa’s 94th Birthday

My grandpa has been in the hospital since the beginning of this year. But by the grace of God, we were able to celebrate his 94th birthday.



Gina Darling

Gina Darling is one of my favorite online personalities. I’ve watched many of her YouTube videos and have admired her modeling work, and this year I had the chance to meet her! She’s such a beautiful person, inside and out.



Room With a Clue

Me and my friends have become fans of escape rooms. This was the fourth escape room they did, but the third I did with them. This one was definitely more difficult than the others. We skipped a bunch of steps but still managed to escape.
Shout out to my crew, #TeamMuddahAwesome!



Tribute Cruise for Uncle Dennis

In July, we lost my Uncle Dennis. It took a toll on my family, but we all managed to get through it together. We went on a cruise around the island and went to a car club meet up, all in memory of him. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.



MelissaJoyBlogs Launch

This past September was a great month for me. I finally launched this blog after planning and working on everything for about a year. Starting and keeping up with this blog has been one of my greatest accomplishments.



My 25th Birthday Party

My 25th birthday was at the end of September, but we celebrated in the beginning of October. This birthday party was definitely one for the books. After having a rough year, celebrating my birthday being surrounded by my loved ones reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for.



Jordon & Cynthia’s Maternity Shoot

I’ve assisted in maternity shoots but haven’t shot any myself until this past November. I was lucky enough to share this experience with my brother and his girlfriend! I was extremely excited for the arrival of my goddaughter Caedance, who was born on December 2.



Rhonda’s Gender Reveal

My cousin, Rhonda, is expecting her third child. She has two daughters that I’ve posted about before (in fact, the two kids in my birthday cake photo are her two daughters). We were all so excited to find out what she’s having this time around. Proud to say that baby BOY Rabang is due in May 2017!

So much more has happened this year, beyond these photos. It’s been tough, and I know that next year will continue to be tough… But I know that I can get through it.

Here’s to you, 2016.
Thanks for the memories.

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