Christmas Games

Hi, friends!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!

My family celebrates on Christmas Eve, like I’ve mentioned in past blog posts. We like to play Christmas themed games while we’re winding down after Christmas dinner. It’s a good way to bond and it keeps everyone entertained.

Here are some games you can play with your family or friends:

-Christmas word search
You can find different websites to create your own word search with a list of words you choose. Then all you have to do is print them out for everyone.

-Fastest or best wrapped present
There’s many ways to play this game. My family likes to separate into groups of three or four, each group gets a box, wrapping paper, tape, and a ribbon, then when the judge gives them the green light, each person works together using their non-dominant hand (while their dominant hand is behind their back) to wrap the gift. You can either play until the first team finishes wrapping their gift, or wait until everyone is done and choose the best wrapped.

-Drawing a snowman challenge
The point of this game is to draw a snowman without looking. You can either play blindfolded, or play like my family, where each person takes a paper plate, puts it on top of their heads, then takes a crayon and tries to draw a snowman. We let the adults and/or teenagers do the drawing and let the youngest kid choose which one they like the best.

-Christmas charades
-Christmas Head’s Up
-Christmas pictionary
These three are your classic party games, but with a Christmas twist.

-Pin the nose on Rudolph
Just like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey,’ but with everyone’s favorite reindeer and his famous red nose.

-Snowman hangman
Each word or phrase is Christmas related and instead of drawing a stick figure, you start drawing a snowman, starting from his top hat.

-Most creative gingerbread house
To cut down on costs, you can get everyone into groups of two or three and have them build and decorate their gingerbread house together. You can ask either the youngest or the oldest person to judge.

-Christmas song lyric challenge
You can either play this going around in a circle or have two teams. One person, the judge, will play part of a Christmas song and pause it abruptly, then you can go around the circle, each person saying the next line to the song, the person who can’t think of the next line is eliminated. If playing in groups, you can go back and forth between the groups and keep score.

-Bingo (Santa)
Another classic! You can play the game like you normally would, but when someone has bingo, they call out “Santa!” instead and sing the chorus from any Christmas song.

These games are some of my faves that I’ve played with my family and friends. What I love most about the games on this list is that there’s little to no preparation needed.

Take these games and add your own twists to them, make them fun for everyone!

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas weekend!

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