Merry GIFTmas

Hi, friends!

Christmas is right around the corner. Some of you are doing your last minute shopping, but as for me, I’m trying my best to stay away from the holiday rush.

Each year I try to save up to buy Christmas gifts for my family, friends, and godchildren, but somehow I always end up with a little less money than I expected to have. That’s when I always remind myself that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to give a great gift.

Here are some things I think about when trying to figure out what gives to give:

-Cross things off their wish list
If they have a wish list, use it! Most people have their wish lists, but don’t share them with others. If your family or friends share what’s on their wish list with you, take notes!

I like to give gifts that I know will be used. The last thing I want is to give someone a gift that just collects dust.
Examples: Apple store or Google play cards for the techies, sketchbooks for artists, notebooks for writers, etc.

-Do it yourself
I personally love homemade gifts, I appreciate the time and effort people put into making something instead of going out to buy something. Homemade gifts definitely come from the heart.
Examples: Homemade cards, photo collages, gift baskets, etc.

-Find out about their interests
I tend to notice the little things about people that others usually bypass, especially their quirky interests.
Examples: Shoes for a shoe lover, wine for wine enthusiasts, etc.

-Interests with a twist
When you find out their interests, add a little twist when picking out a gift. If you couldn’t tell by my past blog posts. I really love Pokemon. I enjoy watching the anime and love playing the games, but I always get excited when I get Pokemon merch as gifts.
Examples: Posters, clothing, accessories, or collectibles of their favorite movies or TV shows.

-Schedule a day to spend with them
I love spending time with my loved one, whether it’s as a group or one on one, I always enjoy it. This is the perfect gift for those who you don’t see very often.
Examples: Schedule to have lunch, dinner, or even a coffee date and pick up the tab, take them to the mall and buy them something, etc.

-Money and a card
If you know that the person you’re giving a gift to is saving up to buy something, help them out by giving them money to use towards what they want. But remember to put it in a nice card, of course.

-Gift cards
When all else fails, gift cards will do the trick! When giving out gift cards, I try to figure out what stores or restaurants people like to go to, so I know that even if they don’t use the gift card right away, it’ll come in handy sooner or later.

Whatever gifts you decide to give, give them with love!

One thought on “Merry GIFTmas

  1. Florence Galarse says:

    Been reading and loving all of your blogs! Keep up the awesome job! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you and your family Melissa! ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ


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