Sounds Like Christmas, Feels Like Christmas

Hi, friends!

It’s finally December… Time to kick off blogmas!

Not sure about the rest of you, but once Thanksgiving is over and December hits, I try to get myself into the Christmas spirit.

I bust out all my old Christmas CD’s (I think CD’s are still a thing… Haha) and Christmas movie DVD’s to prepare myself for Christmas. Yes, I know I can stream music and movies these days, but I still like getting out all of my “old school” things.

In hopes of getting you all hyped for Christmas, I wanted to share my Christmas music playlist and a few of my favorite Christmas movies with you.

Here is my Christmas playlist:
Sounds Like Christmas, Feels Like Christmas
Most of the songs on this playlist are either by NSYNC or the Glee cast… because, why not?

My Favorite Christmas Movies:
-Home Alone 3
(All of them are pretty good, but the third is my absolute favorite!)
-The Polar Express
-The Santa Clause 3
(Like Home Alone, all of them are good, but I love the third… because of Jack Frost.)
-A Charlie Brown Christmas
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Rise of the Guardians
-Are We There Yet?

I hope these things help put you in the Christmas spirit! If not, that’s okay. I have more Christmas/holiday themed posts for the rest of this month!

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