Hot Chocolate French Toast – #FallFriday

Hi, friends!

I realized that in my first blog post, I promised you all some food posts but I haven’t done any yet… So here’s my first one!


This recipe is something I came across a while ago. It boggled my mind how simple and easy this was, yet I never even thought about doing it. Once I learned about this recipe I made it all the time when my friends came over for breakfast or brunch. I think this is probably one of the best and quickest breakfasts for fall, or really any other time… Ha! I associate this with fall solely because this is the only time of year I crave hot chocolate.

I’ve seen many variations of this recipe, some more chocolatey, some lighter, some geared more towards dessert instead of a quick breakfast – but this is the way I’ve been making it, mostly because it’s the most convenient for me.

Serves about 4-6 slices
-1/4 cup of your choice of milk
-1 egg
-1 hot chocolate packet
-Bread of your choice

1. Grease and heat your pan over medium-high heat. If using a griddle, heat to 250 or 300.
2. While your pan or griddle is heating up, combine the milk, egg, and hot chocolate in a bowl and whisk together.
3. Take your bread slices one at a time and dip into the mixture (or let it soak, whatever you prefer), make sure each side is coated evenly.
4. Place slices on your pan or griddle. Be sure not to crowd the pan.
5. Fry until dark brown on each side. Sometimes it’s hard to tell since the mixture makes your bread brown, but it should be about 3 to 4 minutes on each side.
6. Add toppings and serve.

You can top your hot chocolate french toast with whatever toppings you prefer. I personally like adding a little powdered sugar and having my “chocolate whipped cream” on the side.
(To make the whipped cream, I mixed together some Cool Whip and a spoonful or two of a chocolate hazelnut spread until smooth.)

Like most french toast variations, this goes well with fruit. I like to pair it with strawberries because I love the flavor combination of strawberries and chocolate. You can also dip the strawberries in the chocolate whipped cream.


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