Pumpkins & Stuff – #FallFriday

Hi, friends!

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

Every Friday of the month of November will be part of my #FallFriday theme, where I share some of my fall favorites.

One of my favorite fall activities is pumpkin carving. Each year, my family goes to the pumpkin patch so the kids (and some of us big kids) can pick out pumpkins. We also pick corn and green beans to take home, and we try to pack our buckets more than the year before… Because, why not? After picking pumpkins, we set a day to have dinner and carve pumpkins.

I love spending this time with my family. Not just because we get to carve pumpkins, but we get to make memories together. The same goes for spending Halloween with my family. It’s never about the candy or the costumes, it’s about the time we spend together.

We tend to laugh at anything and everything when we’re together; the mistakes we make while working on the pumpkins, the funny and adorable things my nieces or cousins say and do, how weird the pumpkins look when only one part of the design is cut out, and even memories of past pumpkin carvings.

Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. The holidays, family time, prepping for winter, and especially the cooler weather (or what little “fall” weather we get in Hawai’i).

I’m hoping for more amazing fall memories, and even better winter memories to follow.


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