Trick or… Speed?

Hi, friends!


This year, I’ve decided to dress up as Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, from The CW show, The Flash. I honestly just wanted an excuse to buy a S.T.A.R. Labs t-shirt. So, what better excuse than to make it my Halloween costume!

The Flash has been one of my favorite TV shows ever since it first aired in 2014, and I’ve been even more hyped up on it since the new season started this month. To be honest, most of the shows on The CW are on my list of favorites, but The Flash is definitely in my top three. I love the story line, seeing science experiments go wrong, causing the characters to adapt to the most terrible situations and work together for the greater good. It’s also a big plus that they have an amazing cast. (Grant Gustin and Danielle Panabaker? Yes, please!)

I prefer simpler costumes. In past years, I’ve been Waldo from Where’s Waldo? and a nerd… But my family and friends always tell me that I’m a nerd everyday, so I need to dress up as something I’m not. Being Barry Allen isn’t far from being a nerd, but at least it’s something a little different than what I’ve been in the past.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!


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