To: Anyone Who’s Struggling – #OpenLetterOctober

Hey, friend.

Inhale. Exhale. Say this out loud: “You’re going to be okay.”

Everyone goes through hard times, but each person deals with those times differently. Some people are able to bounce back quickly, while others, just like myself, take a little longer to move forward. We all struggle with different things. Depression, anxiety, other mental illnesses, eating disorders, the loss of a loved one, school, work, stress, physical illness – whatever you’re struggling with, you’re going to be okay.

I know what it’s like to be in a constant struggle. I know what it’s like to feel everything caving in on you. I know what it’s like to always wonder when things will get better, or if they will ever get better. I know what it’s like to have the weight of your struggles overtake all other aspects of your life. It’s because of all my past struggles that I’ve learned how to tackle new struggles. Of all things I’ve learned, I believe that these three are the most important:

1. Don’t give up
When things become difficult, most times our first instinct is to give up because we don’t want to deal with the pain and hassle of going through our struggle. If you give up, you won’t grow and you’ll never know what may have happened if you decided to keep going.

2. Seek help
One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made (and somehow still continue to make) is shutting out people who could help me, all because I don’t want them to see me at my worst. Whether it’s from your friends, family, mentor, or through counseling or therapy, you can find help. You don’t have to go through it alone.

3. Stay hopeful
Every season comes to an end. I’ve mentioned this in another blog post (here), but ever since my mentor shared that with me when I hit rock bottom, it’s been a constant reminder that helps ease the pain. Hold on to the hope that one day your struggle will end. Hope that you will get through the rest of the season you’re in and hope that you’ll learn from what you went through.

Struggles are a part of life that we all have to learn to endure. Lucky for us, each struggle makes us stronger, just as the saying goes, “Without struggle there is no progress.”

Despite whatever struggles you’re going through right now, just remember, you’re going to be okay.


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