To: The PUNniest Person on YouTube – #OpenLetterOctober

Megan Batoon,

You constantly inspire me to do and try new things. But, seriously, how are you so talented?! There has to be some kind of cap on how much talent a person can have, and you’ve surely passed that limit. You’re a dancer, choreographer, content creator, graphic designer, calligrapher, comedian, pun master, and chef, kind of… Haha!

As talented as you are, I know that talent is nothing without hard work. Don’t ever think that all of your hard work goes unnoticed. You may not show all the work that goes into your projects, but your hard work and dedication is definitely seen in your content.

You have a great sense of humor that is hard to find in people these days. Your jokes, puns, giggles, and hilarious answers in your #HeyMegan videos are so genuine. The use of your unique comedic twist has a way of warming my heart and reminding me not to take life too seriously.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work… And maybe an Etsy shop where I can buy your hand lettering masterpieces? Think about it, because I know I can’t be the only one who wants to support you and display your work.

Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring person, especially in this messed up world we live in. You are definitely one in a million.

With love,
P.S. – I ♥ you, BA x BA x BATOON!

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